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  • About the Santa Barbara SEO team

Why Santa Barbara SEO

We consider ourselves lucky to live here and grateful for this wonderful community. Santa Barbara SEO volunteers regularly with local non-profits and regularly provides it's services in the form of auction items for local fundraisers. Please contact us if you are a non-profit organization needing our services.

We achieve long term sustainability in search result pages through competitive research, strategic content creation, link building and converting your visitors into consumers.

What separates us from other firms and overseas companies is our dedication to local business and educating our customers. There are no shortcuts to achieving top ranking keywords in Google. It takes time and dedication to build lasting quality. We develop custom plans for each of our customers and teach our them what activities they can perform on their own, and which tasks are best managed by our team utilizing professional tools and experience.

SEO requires a quality landing page. A landing page is the destination a visitor is delivered to by the link they clicked in Google after performing a search. Often customers want more visitors to their site because they need to increase sales, however the question often overlooked (and ignored by most SEO companies) is what happens when a visitor reaches their website. If the site isn't good quality, or the content hasn't been crafted to turn the visitor into a sales lead, then the customer needs more than SEO.

We focus on conversions, the process of telling the story a visitor is familiar with and guiding them to becoming a consumer of your information, a repeat visitor, and ultimately your customer. Our Experts will help you plan and optimize your website for maximum conversions as part of the SEO process. We work with web designers. If you don't have a web designer, or feel your web designer isn't adequate to work with us, that's okay, we're up to the task and will have you covered.